Our Talent. Your App.

Here at ToeTapz, mobile applications are what we love and what we do best. As a collective group of inspired designers, developers, and salespeople, we pride ourselves in creating some of the best apps in the Windows Phone 7, Android, and iPhone marketplaces.

Our goal is simple: to provide you with the very best in mobile software development and to help your company grow through custom mobile applications for all platforms.

Meet a few of the crew:


Name: Henry
Position: CEO

Henry is a mixture of management and technology, leading the ToeTapz team toward its goal of global domination. If he's not on his laptop or phone, you can probably find him at a local cigar bar, smoking an OpusX.

Henry's Blog

Name: Erica
Position: Marketing Director

Erica is the non-technical, non-creative part of ToeTapz. It is through her guidance that the company's mobile applications come to fruition. She is the glue that binds everything together.


Name: Joel
Position: VP of Development

Joel is a rare mixture of athlete meets computer. If he's not working on our latest app, you can find him coaching Tee Ball. Joel's sarcastic sense of humor helps to preserve office sanity and relieve stress on a daily basis.


Name: Keith
Position: Mobile Developer

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